23 July in Moscow on the territory of Stadium “LUZHNIKI” there was annual festival of extrim sport  – «Moscow City Games 2016», our team MATRIXRACING took a part as many times Champion of Russian Superbike Championship.

There were 60 places which same time translated compatitions on the different sports open air. Masters of sports in BMX, mountain bike, enduro cross, velotrial, wakeboard, acrobatic rock-and-roll and other extrim sports shown their ability and actions. All visitors could take a part in local championships in workout, street bascket, football and also gimnastic, weight-lifting, arm wrestling.

Russian Superbike Championship “RSBK REPSOl 2016» and MATRIXRACING TEAM located on the very famous area «Monster territory» and all guests could watch real racing team equipment and pilots. All questions has been answerd from Elena Kurochka Team manager of MATRIXRACING and pilot from STK600 class #46 Andrey Gurenkov. Team has represented real racing bikes of pilots #8 and #46 and also  minimoto DM used for the training. We were glad to make someone more happy and gave to all some presents from the team and sponsors. Our best sponsors and even friends BARDAHL_MOTOR presented goods and demonstrated how bardahl liquids are working. Also we were very glad to let visitors know about our General Partner CITILINK.RU and also  Thermaltake, AEROCOOL, and FSP companies.

We are thankful to organizators of this event «Moscow City Games 2016», «Monster territory» and «RSBK REPSOl 2016» for the invitation! Also as usual thank you to our big friend MOTOHELP COMPANY and personaly to Vladilen Medvedev. Thank for the visit to our funs, friends, and guests!

Welcome to N.Novgorod 30 JULY to follow us in final stage of «RSBK REPSOl 2016»

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